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100% ARABICA BIO Premium capsule coffee

100% ARABICA BIO Premium capsule coffee
100% ARABICA BIO Premium capsule coffee
100% ARABICA BIO Premium capsule coffee
100% ARABICA BIO Premium capsule coffee
100% ARABICA BIO Premium capsule coffee
Mokador Introduces New Organic BIO capsule coffee ... 100% ARABICA BIO!
Velvet texture and sweet notes
Mokador Espresso consists of 100% Arabica Organic BIO certified Arabica beans. The coffee is velvety and aromatic. The whole body has great sweet shades.
The notes of dried fruit harmonize with the taste of cocoa.

  • 100% Arabica beans
  • Organically grown
  • Velvety texture
  • Dried fruits and cocoa

What does Organic mean?
The definition of "organic food" applies to all products derived from organic farming. A system that respects the health of people and the environment throughout the production chain: cultivation, harvesting, transformation to the sale of the finished product.
Exclude the use of all synthetic chemicals and any genetically modified organism in order to preserve and improve soil characteristics and respect all forms of life and biodiversity.
Therefore, we can certify that all foods obtained from these natural methods can be called organic and meet the relevant standards (CE No. 1584 of 22 October 2018, CE No. 889/2008).

Mokador capsules, compatible with most Espresso point coffee machines
(e.g. Lavazza Ep, Nespresso Krups, Tchibo Cafissimo Pure, Essenza Mini, etc.).
Try our Mokador coffee capsules and you will feel the difference.
If you're not sure if your device is compatible with Mokador coffee capsules, contact our colleagues and they'll be happy to help.

Product features
Product type Dolce Gusto compatible Capsule coffee (Ground coffee)
Packaging 16 pcs. /box
Aroma 5/5
Bodied taste 4/5
Taste 5/5
Intensity 5/5
Ideal for Noon / Evening
  • Stock: In Stock
Ex Tax: 1,511Ft

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