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Coffee bean specialties

Want to try multiple offee specialties, but haven't found the right place yet? Take a look here and find your favorite coffee!

Sophisticated, rich-flavored and creamy ground coffee specialties for those looking for real good coffee, not overpriced large-scale types with well-known names. From coffee change to roasting, care, skill and thoroughness are the foundation of the exceptional quality of all our coffee, without which no coffee can be truly sophisticated, no matter what is written on it and what is said about it.
Brand: Mokador
Mokador Introduces New Organic BIO Coffee Beans ... 100% ARABICA BIO! Velvet texture and sweet notes Mokador Espresso consists of 100% Arabica Organic BIO certified Arabica beans. The coffee is velvety and aromatic. The whole body has great sweet shades. The notes of dried fruit harmonize wi..
Ex Tax:10,160Ft
Brand: Mokador
Mokador Extra Cream Premium coffee beans with a 70/30 blend of Arabica and Robusta Bohnen, wonderful with cream. Roasting is a gentle, rotating drum in accordance with traditional traditions. To this end, each type of bean has been roasted separately and separately to preserve its aromatic prope..
Ex Tax:3,899Ft
Brand: Mokador
Premium Coffee Beans Florita - Floral Seduction As the name of this espresso suggests, a tastefully floral scent will greet you as you make it. This Italian classic blend consists of 80% finest Arabica and 20% Robusta beans. The extraordinary quality of the beans, which has been certified to I..
Ex Tax:8,580Ft
Brand: Mokador
Premium Coffee Beans Mokador BRIO - Balanced Intensity The intense espresso has a wonderfully fragrant aroma. The taste of Brio is particularly balanced due to the 60/40 ratio of Arabica and Robusta. A high proportion of Robusta results in a beautiful dark cream. In addition, coffee preparati..
Ex Tax:6,956Ft
Brand: Mokador
Premium Coffee Beans Mokador G.M.M. Gran Miscela - The highest quality espresso! If you want top-notch espresso, you can't avoid Gran Miscela by Mokador. In addition to the excellent quality of the coffee beans, it is characterized by perfect roasting and varieties. The medium-strength espre..
Ex Tax:9,636Ft
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