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Crema ESE Espresso Coffe Pod

Crema ESE Espresso Coffe Pod
Crema ESE Espresso Coffe Pod

Crema Espresso Coffee Pod | Coffee pad 20 pcs
Strong, full-bodied coffee blend, selected from the finest Arabica and Robusta varieties.
The cup is characterized by a thick, creamy, dark brown foam and syrup.
With its unique round taste, characteristic intense aroma, strong roasting, heavy texture, it is a real favorite of coffee lovers.

ESE stands for "Easy Serving Espresso". Unlike closed coffee systems, which allow the use of pods made primarily for the brand.
ESE Pods can be used with more than 400 different coffee makers. The (ESE) pots are also called Cialde and are smaller and stronger than regular coffee pads.
High quality espresso and the practical and organic ESE standard offer 100% coffee enjoyment.

ESE pods ensure easy and clean coffee making.

  • A harmonious blend of arabica and robusta,
  • Creamy syrupy foam,
  • 20 pods in the box with 7g, freshly packed separately,
  • pod standard: E.S.E. (Easy to make espresso)

Product features
Product type Caffe pod (Ground coffee).
Packaging 20 db. /box
Aroma 4/5
Bodied taste 5/5
Taste 4/5
Intensity 3/5
Ideal for Morning / Noon
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  • SKU: mok-pod-crema
Ex Tax: 2,250Ft
Price in reward points: 150

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